Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Art in progress

This is what I was working on over the weekend. I usually begin my journal pages with a diluted layer of acrylic paint, whatever colour is leftover from my paintings. I keep my journal next to me when I paint my canvases and do several pages at a time.
After I paint , I'll start adding different design elements like collage pictures, photo transfers or stamps. I love doing the transfers, although I don't always have success, I'm fascinated by them!
I recently bought neocolor crayons  and I can say that, I can't live without them! They are amazing! I do all my shading with these crayons, they are so soft! I got the big box when it was on sale at dick blick .
I add text after everything is in place and go back at a later date and write my journal.

Oh and since a lot of you have been asking about the numbers on my paintings... they are old phone numbers I used to have!  LOL !!  don't try calling them!!
Have a great day my friend :)


  1. I was just going to ask you what those numbers were!! I always like to read about the steps that are taken to get to the final product. Like your pages very much!!

  2. these pages are so happy and bright. Really love the first one...The green and yellows with splash of red. And the fried eggs on the side ;-)

  3. Awesome! Great work on your pages.


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