Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night I took a much needed break from painting and went to one of my favorite hangouts, Tapas Bar in Gazi.   This neighborhood  has been named Gazi primarily due to the fact that in the past there used to be a gas factory of the same name. It's full of cute little restaurants and bars and is always packed with people.

On my way there I saw a picture of Sean Connery among graffiti and it looked so much like a photo transfer on a wall. How did they do that?!


  1. The answer to your blog question is using a stencil and some spray urban paint (graffiti-we carry montana gold), or using golden medium to pull the image and then attach to the wall. It looks like stencil to me on your picture. Canvas Room on face book

  2. It's fun how you can find art in unexpected places. It reminds me of last Valentines day, I was walking my 7 year-old niece to the school bus stop and everywhere we looked ... hearts! The chip out of the sidewalk was a heart shape, the leaf on the lawn was a heart shape, a piece of scrap paper in the gutter was a heart shape! It was amazing and quickly became a fun game looking for the next one.

  3. This seems like a very cool place--love Daisy :)


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