Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010 !!

Dear friend,
I wish you a very Happy New Year, full of love, happiness, and most of all creativity!! Don't be afraid to express yourself artistically and otherwise, and let your needs be known.
My wish for this year is to grow as an artist and explore more techniques, have success in my art exhibitions

and a little trip to Milan wouldn't hurt either :)))  hint, hint...


  1. Hi Joanna
    Love her--a little cake never hurts!!

  2. I'm pretty sure a trip to Milan would never hurt! What are the numbers on the top of your pages? I've seen them a few times and am now curious enough to ask! I love your ladies - their faces are really great - your technique is fantastic. Thank you for sharing and I wish you and yours a very Happy & Prosperous New Year!


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