Friday, January 8, 2010

'' The Secret ''

My most challenging woven piece was this cape.'' The secret ''. It was a very emotional piece to create, it's story is based on a little girl's living nightmare that she had to endure for years.

It took me over one year to complete. I hand dyed over one thousand threads and after I wove the cloth, I further embellished it,  by freehand painting, embroidery and bead work!


  1. Wow Joanna
    This is amazing! All that hand dyed thread! Beautiful.
    And I love your new header--that little dog of yours is so cute!!

  2. My eyes are bulging out of my head! You really made that? You are so talented Joanna! This is amazing! So Beautiful!
    Happy New Year to you to girl.

  3. Joanna,
    That is beyond amazing. I just can't even imagine what it must look like in person.


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