Friday, May 7, 2010

" let's fall in love " part two

Ohhhhhh  my numbers are turning into....letters!!
I have to say that I was pretty anxious to post today! I can't wait to share the whole painting with you!!
The song on the parachute is " You are the sunshine of my life " by Stevie Wonder and the one on the clouds is " I want to know what love is " by Foreigner


  1. Awesome work there Sis!!! I love your "Tequila Sunrise." I remember having my first tequila at Bobby's bar in Glyfada a few decades ago.... hehe don't tell mom :)

    The blog is fantastic, your thoughts and all your work are conveyed very clearly. Most of the blogs that I subscribe to are usually dark and cluttered. Yours is full of bright colors easy to read and I always leave with a happy positive feel.

    Good luck with your show,
    NC + Kathy

  2. Well I can't wait to see the rest of it!!

  3. Just awesome, and what wonderful song lyrics to grace your beautiful work!


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