Thursday, May 20, 2010

Listen to your mom!

Good morning :))) hope you had beautiful dreams last night!! I was dreaming and obsessing about food the whole night!! cookies, cakes and cheeseburgers!!  Yes I do have sleep issues and ever since I was little I had a hard time falling asleep. The sheep counting thing doesn't work for me at all! I tried to change that story and had myself counting how many laps I could swim. I don't like swimming that much, so how I came up with that story, beats me!! The thing is I was lap swimming in the ocean! Does that make sense?!
Maybe that's why I feel tired in the morning. Too much exercising! See! I knew exercising is bad for you!!
We'll have no more of that!
Well, I was supposed to wake up my sister this morning and instead got in bed with her like a zombie and fell asleep next to her and Daisy decided to join us and there we were all three of us on her bed in deep sleep!  My sister gets up an hour later and starts laughing " real good one sis!" lol  

When I lived in the U.S I would exhibit my work at least six times a year. I am a pro at this, but always, and with no exception after each show I would feel this letdown, a very strange feeling almost like a depression. A very weird  and scary feeling... Thank God it doesn't last long and I now know it's temporary so I don't panic anymore.
I had talked to my mom about it when it first happened and as we all know "mom knows best" and she said that it was all the preparation I was making for my shows and all the attention I would get from the public. Because lets face it, as artists that's what we're looking for. Attention.Approval.  Being isolated in the studio, for weeks at a time, trying my very best to bring  my visions to life, well that's draining in the end. Then to present my work to the public and getting all that attention at once... Too much and it lasts only for a few days. My mom said " oh honey, do you feel like a movie star?" lol!  My mom is funny in that way!  "Yes, mom! I do feel like a star!! Everybody coming up to me and telling me how they love my work and how happy it makes them feel but then... I have to go back to my studio and be isolated again!! LOL
Don't take me wrong, I love my work and being here alone in my little world is my happiness, I just want you to know that it's normal to feel this way after an exhibition, pro or no pro. 
Hey!! Where's my Oscar?!!!


  1. I know what you mean--You're on a high. I only do art shows--but it's the same feeling. You deserve to be in the spotlight!

  2. i think all artists go through their highs and lows, no matter what! we are generally more emotional it goes without saying that we have depressive times...i know I do...

    your work is great! i'm your newest follower...and wow! you live in greece! how cool is that?!

    do come by and see me sometime...i'd love to share my artful creations with you!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Hi Joanna! I love you is super beautiful!

  4. I know that feeling!! So exciting when you are at the gallery and everyone is telling you how much they love what you do!!Exhilerating, but also tiring!! Kind of like Christmas--all the preparation and then the big day and then oh what do I do now??? As far as sleeping, I vote for counting cookies or cupcakes!! Love your little girls--glad to see her back again!! (not that I don't love daisy too)

  5. You should listen to your Mom and feel like the star you are!! :)

  6. Found your blog and love it!! Your work is incredible! Your post made me smile....

  7. Your little girl is so sweet! And I think all of those who strive to create art are slaves to our emotions. :)

  8. This is a beautiful piece and post! I loved hearing about your shows, especially since I have never done anything like it. But it does make sense that there would be a bit of a letdown afterwards - almost like the day after Christmas! Thanks for the cool insider info., Kristin xo

  9. Hi Joanna,

    We all, as artists, experience what you have described. It is called an "adrenaline rush." My best work was created just before a show as I frantically would work in my studio getting ready. After the show, and it never seemed to matter whether the show was a complete success or not, I would experience an "adrenaline drop."
    It seems to be more of a physiological issue than an emotional one. Almost all of my artist friends experience the same thing.

    Hope this helps.

    Loved your post.



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