Sunday, May 16, 2010

Over the hills and far away....

Inspiration....what a beautiful word! it has a certain melody to it.
i n s p i r a t i o n.  Well....some times it "don't"  happen! but when it does... nothing can stop it. My heart starts racing, blood rushes through my veins, my eyes sparkle! I can't sleep or eat.  It's like a dream coming to life, such magic! such energy! I feel like I can conquer the world!  I know what you're's just a painting..but to me,  it's everything!  It's what I breathe for.

I have to admit that most of my days are filled with day dreaming, just looking out the window dreaming, listening to music, thinking, what's the next project going to be. I used to feel guilty just sitting around being spaced out like that, but as the years passed I finally realized, that this my way of being an artist. For me , it's the inspiration that counts the most.The execution of the art piece is the technical part. Usually it goes quicker than the thinking process, at least for me.
Will I get inspired? and when a couple of days pass and there's nothing there...I panic. Big time!!  I guess it's like writer's block.
So I start playing all these silly games in my head.
 If I were an animal, what would I be?
 If I were a famous person who would I be?
 If  I won the lottery what would I do etc etc..
 If I could travel where would I go? how? air, sea or car..
 So yesterday I started the same silly game again, pairing up my paintings with songs. I made this painting a few months ago for a children's E-book here in Greece. In the web site it's paired up with a poem, but when I looked at again I decided  Led Zeppelin's "Over the hills and far away" fits better for me!!
Now, if I could just get in my car, blast my music and just drive...far far away! explore new places, new people, gain new experiences and then come back like a good little girl and start painting again.
This is also my entry for MMM.
Have a great week my friend and remember....dreams DO come true if you believe!!


  1. Love the painting & the Zeppelin tie-in.
    I agree regarding inspiration. If I don't feel inspired for a couple of days, I wonder why, and then I really open my eyes and try to see everything anew.
    Great post!

  2. Fun painting!! Yes, just jump in the car and go exploring!!

  3. Me again. Now that your show is up, come back to us in the sketchbook group!! We miss you--we have lots going on.....

  4. Oh Joanna, This is so cheerful and filled with fun!!! I LOVE the letters on the highway. Your site is like a shot of pure happiness! And I think if I stay any longer I'm going to feel like a kid again!

  5. What a joyful place you have!
    your art is magical and I am now following you with pleasure!!!!

  6. Joanna - it's always a pleasure to peep inside your world! Bravo!!

  7. Joanna, I love your art and your writing. Your Child's Play is exquisite. I wonder if you illustrate children's books. If not, why not?
    I am only an amateur but I have a five year old grandson who is just learning to read and I make him little personalized readers, including him on every page and it is working! He is so proud to have his own reading books.

  8. wonderful piece and great post... i love the expression on the dog´s face especially! hilarious! he seems to be uncertain where he is driven... but he will be glad to be "over the hills..." ;) oh, i´m a huge led zep fan!! :))
    may your times be as block-free as possible...

  9. OMG this is really lovely.
    Fabulous play.

  10. what a gorgeous piece!! love your fall in love pieces too!!!

  11. You can never go wrong with Led Zeppelin!! It definitely did the trick. Your work always has the wonderful ability to make me smile!

  12. Joanna your painting is so wonderful, love the colors and the letters on the road.

  13. Wonderfull piece, it's super! Very childish as it should be :)

  14. really awesome style you have. I adore it. Really cute road..reminds me of road trips with my parents

  15. I love this much fun and great colours...

  16. Oh, Oh, Oh! Wonderful painting and post! I just LOVED hearing about your process and your work, as always, is so colorful and full of life. See, your dreaming really pays off, Kristin xo

  17. What a fun piece, Joanna! Diane


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