Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pink clouds and pink hair

This is the first of a series of paintings I will be working on, this summer. I decided to just make cute stuff, right now,  with Daisy as the star! I was thinking yesterday when I started painting this...wouldn't it be so cool if I could make a product line based on my cute poodle?!  I could make stationary, prints, pendants, shampoos,perfume, all sorts of stuff for little girls. The more I was thinking about this idea, the more exited I got!!
I like saying  this... " the possibilities are endless"  I use that phrase a lot!  it has mystery to it!! one thing brings the next.... yes!!
If your looking to see the yellow submarine...it ain't there!! That ship sailed a long time ago!! lol  

I received a lovely  email last night from my new friend Mandy. ( she's got the cutest pink hair) She wanted me to tell her everything about my life in Greece, what is it that makes it so special here...
Well, Mandy, I have to tell you, that I didn't even want to move here in the first place. I felt "safe" in my big house in the suburbs of Wash. D.C.  participating in various art shows, going to the mall, shopping, accumulating stuff, going to the mall again..work and mall. Too much work and no play. I had gotten into this robot mode, where the more money one makes the better life is. I wasn't actually at the mall all the time, but that was the entertainment for me, and millions of other Americans.  That was my life. Basically it was "please shoot me, I am so bored with my life". Please don't take me wrong, and I don't want to offend anyone, but there's got to be more in life than the stupid mall. Yes, the suburbs have a lot to do with this, and we all do what we have to do,  making sacrifices....and I did...up to the point of falling in a deep depression. I won't even go there..this is supposed to be a happy post. I am a happy person, a so positive person, my friends say that I really don't belong here on earth. lol!  That's ok, I feel good on my pink little cloud!
Anyway to answer the question. I'm not really sure what exactly it is about living in Greece that I love. Maybe it's ,that the sky here is bluer, the sun is brighter, the air.. I'm not sure.  All I know is that I feel reborn!! I'm a different person, more alive, more positive, happy, I smile a lot, I enjoy everything more, even the stupid stuff. I try to make positve out of negative thoughts. I even look prettier! lol. don't laugh! it's how I really feel. maybe it's all in my head.!! but it's the truth!
I feel a kind of freedom that I didn't feel back home. Like I can conquer the world! Let me just say at this point, that I'm really a shy person, and a very private one at that, so telling you all this is the new Joanna !!
I'm not saying that life in Greece is easy! on the contrary... life here is harder, but I will take any bad story and make it happy. I will find some way to turn it around and find the good in it. No matter what the story is.
That's my survival :) Sure I get down,  I allow myself maybe a day or two and then pick myself up and transport me to my little cloud of happiness!
Life is too short and beautiful!   We have to enjoy every moment!!  Yeah, and Mandy... forget Turkey, move here!! the weather is better!! xoxo


  1. so wonderful to hear about you and your life in Greece. I so know where you are coming from. i work, sometimes create, get bored and buy stuff then work again. i am sometimes bored 5 mins after i wake up. it's crazy but true.

    all i can say is way to go Joanna... you took the plunge... i only hope one day i can do the same!


    mandy x

  2. Hey Joann-I think your idea of products for little girls with Daisy on them is fabulous--Go for it!!!

  3. Your painting style is very unique! Very cool!

  4. Daisy is definitely a star! Fabulous idea.
    I want to say that it's so good to hear someone else say that life is more than the mall, and consumption in general.
    I live in Charleston, SC, and even though I'm in the 'burbs, we live on a marsh & I would much rather spend my time watching the egrets and other wildlife that traipse around the mall. I don't believe I've been to the mall twice in the last year.
    Thanks for this post, Joanna!

  5. Hi friend! Thank you so much for poping by. I LOVE the idea of Daisy on products!! I can see it now: Bath and Body works and a line of Daisy products . . . OR a line of Pampered Pooch products . . .
    Talk soon,
    Kristin xo


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